Istanbul, the charming city,

The world's first destination, with the authenticity of the  past and the modernity of the present
It is Characterized by its strategic location between the European and Asian continents. It is home to thousands of historical, tourist and natural landmarks that attract visitors from all over the world, making it the top destination for investors and capital heads in various fields such as Real Estate, commercial, tourist and industrial fields. 


Istanbul Location:

Istanbul is located in the northwestern territory of Marmara in Turkey and it is divided into two Parts: The Eastern Asian part and the Western European Part separated by the Bosphorus Strait which is one of the most important international Sea lanes and it is of commercial, tourist and investment importance as it’s connects the Black Sea in the North to Marmara Sea in the South.  Its importance lies in being a passageway for commercial ships which are coming from Europe through the Black Sea towards the Marmara Sea via the Bosphorus Strait, then the Mediterranean Sea via the Dardanelles Strait Towards Africa, and Vice versa. That encourages investing in Real Estate in Turkey.


What are the Transportations options in Istanbul? 

Istanbul has a strong network of transportations and roads in all areas including air, sea and land: 

  1.  In terms of airspace, Istanbul has the new Istanbul Airport in the European part and Sabiha Gokcen Airport in the Asian part.

  2. On land, Istanbul has a network of roads and bridges to facilitate Transportation, in addition to highways, Metro lines, tramway lines and Metrobus line which extends between its Asian and European sides

  3. In terms of Sea space, Istanbul includes Sea Taxis and Ferries between the two sides of the city, in addition to the large ship terminals between states.


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Istanbul Areas:

Istanbul consists of 39 districts, 14 of which are in the Asian side such as Uskudar and Kadikoy, and 25 districts in European side, the most famous of which are Fatih, Maslak and Basaksehir where Dubai Real Estate Company is located to provide you with the right advice and outstanding services to buy a house for Residence or real estate investment in Turkey.


The Most Important Projects of Modern Istanbul:

Projects around the world, which are of great importance, increase the value of real estate investment in Turkey and attract capital and the upper classes to invest and own property.

  1. New Istanbul airport

  2. Başakşehir Çam Ve Sakura Hospital the largest medical City in Europe which is located in Basaksehir district

  3. The new Istanbul Canal Which is the era project that will stretch from Kucukcekmece Lake passing through the IspartaKule area to shamlar lake, reaching Arnavutkoy from the side of the new Istanbul airport to the Black Sea

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