Turkish citizenship..a steady step towards many privileges

Turkish citizenship has become the talk of all businessmen and investors wishing to obtain dual citizenship and to benefit from its unlimited advantages, and given its great importance, we chose today to highlight the most important information related to it. We wish you an enjoyable reading.


The importance and advantages of Turkish citizenship

One of the main benefits of Turkish citizenship is the right to travel visa-free to more than 100 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. This offers Turkish citizens the opportunity to explore the world without having to apply for a visa each time.

The Turkish government also gives its citizens access to a wide range of social services, such as health care, education, and job opportunities. These services are designed to ensure that all citizens enjoy equal access to basic necessities.

Moreover, Turkish citizens can benefit from the country's strong economy and low taxes and this makes it easier for citizens to start their own businesses or invest in existing companies.

Finally, there are many cultural benefits that come with being a Turkish citizen and these include access to museums, libraries, parks and other cultural activities that can enrich one's life for free.


Reasons for the strength of Turkish citizenship

Turkey's strong infrastructure has been a key factor in the strength of its citizens. The presence of a well-developed transportation system, communications infrastructure, and energy supply throughout the country has enabled its citizens to move freely and easily within the country, access necessary services, and contribute to economic growth.

Turkey's strategic location is also an important reason for the strength of its nationality, as Turkey is located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, and it is a gateway between cultures and connects the two regions together. This allows Turkish citizens to take advantage of the opportunities of the two regions while maintaining their sense of identity.


Finally, Turkey's developed economy also contributes to the strength of its citizens. With a growing GDP, increased trade opportunities with various countries, and a thriving tourism sector, Turkish citizens can take advantage of these economic opportunities to build their wealth and improve their lives. A stable economy creates a safe environment for citizens and creates opportunities. Work for them too.


The fastest way to obtain citizenship

Obtaining Turkish citizenship quickly is possible through real estate investment. An investment of at least 400 thousand US dollars in residential or commercial properties located in Turkey can be used to apply for citizenship. This method is fast and effective and can be a great opportunity for those looking to become citizens of Turkey in this vibrant country.

The process of applying for citizenship through real estate investment begins with the purchase of one or more properties that meet the value requirements. Once the purchase is completed, the applicant must submit a package of documents to the Turkish government in order to start the application process. The required documents include a valid passport, and proof of purchase and ownership of the property. , proof of financial resources, and a criminal background check.

Once all documents have been submitted, applicants will be required to meet with officials from the Turkish Embassy in their home country and discuss their application. After this meeting is complete, applicants will receive a notification as to whether their applications have been accepted or rejected, with accepted applications receiving an invitation to apply for citizenship via the fast-track process. 


Real estate investment provides investors with an effective way to obtain Turkish citizenship quickly, and those wishing to become citizens should consider investing in residential or commercial real estate, and you should know that this has many positive consequences because you will not only have obtained that citizenship, but also entered a profitable real estate investment field. And special can bring you a lot of benefits later.





Is any property in Turkey eligible to apply for citizenship?

Certainly yes, but there are many conditions that must be met first, including the following:

- The property must be kept for 3 years without any sale.

- The property must be purchased from a Turkish construction company or a Turkish citizen.

- The property price must be paid through a Turkish bank.



- The real estate appraisal document must be extracted from one of the agencies that have a license from the Turkish government.

- You must check that the property has not been used earlier in order to obtain it.

- An earthquake insurance policy that provides the buyer with protection in the event of a natural disaster must be obtained.


Can Turkish citizenship be refused?

There are a variety of reasons why a government may refuse to grant Turkish citizenship. Generally, citizenship is granted to those who have a legitimate claim to the state, such as birth or marriage. Those who do not meet these criteria may be denied for a number of reasons, including:

• Failure to complete the required papers correctly or on time.

• Having a criminal record that includes serious crimes.

• Lack of sufficient financial resources.

• Absence of any connections or ties to Turkey, whether through family or work.

• Inability to fulfill the requirements of military service.

• Obtaining dual citizenship with another country not recognized by Turkey.

• Failure to meet language proficiency requirements.

• Submitting false information on the application form.

• Be found to be medically unfit for citizenship due to physical or mental health problems.



Who gets the exceptional Turkish citizenship?

In order to be eligible for exceptional Turkish citizenship, applicants must provide evidence of a scientific or technical achievement that has had a positive impact on the country. This may be in the form of inventions, innovations, new technologies or other achievements that have been beneficial to the country and the achievement must have done independently; Collaboration with other individuals is not accepted as a viable option.

The application process includes submitting documents that prove the achievement and its impact on the country, and this includes official letters of recommendation from prestigious international organizations and other entities that can attest to the value of the achievement. The evaluation process may take several months, after which the applicant will receive an official decision from the government regarding his application to obtain it .

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